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Sandia National Labs Summer II

I worked for Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM, for the second time this summer. I was only able to work for six weeks due to my study abroad experience the second half of the summer, but I was still happy with the work I was able to complete there. Armed with another year of classes and knowledge from my first electrical engineering-specific classes, I felt more confident in the work I completed. I collected visual imagery data for a new project that needed to be tested. No data quite like what we were looking for existed yet, so I had to search multiple sources for data that might be similar to what we expected to see. I also developed an algorithm in MATLAB for SAR image processing. I was proud of this tool since I started from scratch, and although there was room for upgrades when I left, I had already produced a fully functional, easy-to-use tool that could be easily given to a customer.

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