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Outreach and Organizations



Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

I joined IEEE in 2016 as a recruiting officer for the Texas A&M student branch. Working in this role gave the the opportunity to inspire other people about joining IEEE. In 2017, I became the Secretary for the student branch, and I used this position on the executive committee to practice leadership skills, and encourage a good balance of events that we hosted.
After moving on to UIUC, I found new ways to stay involved, including joining the Power & Energy Society and helped plan the PECI 2020 conference. I served as the registration coordinator in 2020, and as the co-chair in 2021, where we successfully created a unique hybrid experience for presenters and attendees.



Graduate Committee for Society of Women Engineers

I joined the Society of Women Engineers in graduate school. I didn't feel the need for an female community in undergrad, but being in a new place with fewer opportunities to meet people outside of my area of study made me want to meet more people. After joining the community, attending events, and volunteering for the weSTEM2020 conference, I was selected to be an officer for the 2020-2021 year. I coordinated personal and professional development lunches to engage more members and grow the community throughout the year.



Eta Kappa Nu: The Honor Society of IEEE

I was inducted into the Gamma Mu Chapter of HKN in 2017. I quickly took on a leadership role, acting as the IEEE liaison and fundraising officer for the 2017-2018 year. I enjoyed the opportunity to bring together different communities within IEEE, and to explain the benefits of membership to my peers. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful community.



Graduate Student Advancement Committee for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UIUC

I was excited to join this committee to build fellowship among the graduate ECE students and advocate for my peers by communicating with the administration. I worked to bring in more development events and make mental health resources available and helped plan social events throughout each semester.



Learning Is For Everyone

Camp LIFE is a program put on by the Texas A&M Center on Disability and Development each semester. This camp gives children with disabilities and their siblings the opportunity to participate in activities that they might not otherwise be able to, like swimming, archery, rock climbing, and horseback riding.  At camp, I was assigned a camper to hang out with, help with any personal needs, and encourage them to make friends and try new things. I signed up to be a counselor after having worked for the City of Albuquerque Therapeutic Recreations department for two summers during high school. I was happy to find a way to keep working with kids with disabilities, and I hope I will find other organizations like this to participate in in the future.

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