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My First Semester in IEEE

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first semester as an IEEE officer for the Texas A&M branch. As the external recruiting officer, my duties include trying to get current electrical and computer engineers involved with the organization, and encouraging freshmen to apply to electrical engineering as they become eligible.

I have coordinated booths for school-wide, engineering dorm, and Women in Engineering open houses. I have contacted professors about speaking to students in their classes about IEEE, and prepared short and extended presentations about electrical engineering and IEEE. I have practiced my public speaking and one on one communication skills, both by interacting with student members, and by making sure my voice is heard at officer meetings.

I have also supported my fellow officers in their branch activities. I attended programming workshops, participated in outreach and social activities, and supported team members in coordinating corporate recruitment events. I am also active on a committee that is planning a one-day build-a-thon for spring 2017, an event which we hope to grow into a 24+ hour hack-a-thon in the coming years. For now, we are focusing on providing bare bones kits for teams to work with, and we plan to give prizes to teams with creative additions or uses of the kits we provide.

I am looking forward to my work with IEEE this semester, and I hope to stay as active as possible with all of our branches.

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