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Minesweeper in C++

For my CSCE 121: Intro to Programming Design Concepts class in spring of 2016 I created a Minesweeper program from scratch. The project emphasized the use of UML diagrams, separate classes, inheritance, and FLTK. My team chose to recreate the game using the classic graphics.

The project includes all of the features of the original game including flags, question marks, a timer, and an indicator showing the number of mines remaining based on the number of flags that the user has placed. It also includes a unique "Debug Mode" accessed through keyboard commands that allows a user to see where the mines are. The game remains fully functional in Debug Mode and can be toggled on and off during play. A second unique feature is the "About" button which displays information about the game creators. The game has three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, which vary the size of the boards and the number of mines in the game.

This project was both challenging and fun. I was surprised by how much my interest in computer science grew over the progress of this course, and learning in this class has even made me consider pursuing a minor in Computer Science.

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