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Lego Robotics Project

In both of my Fundamentals of Engineering (ENGR 111/112) classes we have worked on team lego robotics projects. We were given a variety of subtasks each semester that cumulated in a final demonstration. The projects were coded using labview for EV3 NXT robotics. Teams of four worked together to build the robots and write the code from scratch.

In the fall, each team was tasked with creating a robot that was capable of following a colored track, overcoming obstacles in its path, reading a barcode, pressing the appropriate button given the barcode that was read, and returning to its starting position. I worked on both the mechanical and coding aspects of this project, and particularly focused on ways we could reuse code from our subtasks in our final project.

In the spring, we were tasked with creating a robot that could read four barcodes that together asked for a unique mixture of marbles. The robot would receive an input of 75 unsorted marbles and dispense the correct mixture or marbles three times during a ten minute period. This project required more error handling, such as what to do if the correct mixture could not be found. A major difference from the fall project was that this robot was stationary, and used materials other than legos, including popsicle sticks and cardboard, which added the challenge of making materials fit together that were not build in uniform units.

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