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Empowered Design with KidWind

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a educational video for the KidWind project, which provides resources for teachers to help students creatively explore the science and technology of renewable energy.

For this project, we worked with the founder of KidWind to create a video about the history of the power grid, the challenges of integrating renewable and distributed generation sources, and some of the cybersecurity aspects of my research. One of my project leads at UIUC interviewed me about these topics, and I provided a high level overview.

It was an interesting opportunity to really think about the societal impacts of my research and figure out how to explain it at a high school level. I think it was a successful video - at the very least the family members that I shared it with said they enjoyed it and learned something new! If you're looking for a 20 minute overview of power grids, renewable integration, and cybersecurity challenges this is the video for you! If you want my take on why this research is interesting and how I got into it, we also talk about that!

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