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Craig Brown Outstanding Senior Engineer

I was honored to receive the Craig Brown Outstanding Senior Engineer Award from the Texas A&M College of Engineering in Fall 2019. I was nominated by my Electrical Engineering department, and received recommendations from my professors for this award. After I was selected as finalist, I had an interview with Mr. Brown and a CoE representative to talk about my activities, interests and future plans. Recipients were selected for their academic achievement, leadership, and character. I was selected as one of seven recipients for my leadership in IEEE and HKN, my service through IEEE, peer teaching, and CampLIFE, my dedication to my studies, pursuit of research opportunities, and multiple minors.

In addition to this award, Mr. Brown has sponsored me for four years of undergrad through the Craig and Galen Brown Scholarship. Mr. Brown is an incredible role model in the way that he inspires excellence, quietly leads by example, and gives back to his community and to Texas A&M students more generously than anyone I know. I am incredibly grateful for his encouragement, support, and interest throughout my time at Texas A&M, and I hope that I will one day be able to pass forward his generosity.

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