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And on to the Midwest

This fall, I started my Masters's in Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I picked this program because it had the best mix of power systems and cybersecurity research out of the programs I examined. I also appreciated that all of the researchers I talked to were open to the crossovers between two specialties that I was proposing.

I am co-advised by Dr. Kirill Levchenko, who studies cyber-physical security and hardware security, and Dr. Pete Sauer, who is a widely-respected domain expert in power systems. Dr. Sauer will be officially retiring at the end of the year, but returning as a professor emeritus. He has introduced me to many of the full-time researchers at UIUC who perform power systems resiliency and security studies.

With Dr. Sauer's help, I am working with Al Valdes in the Information Trust Institute (ITI) on a project evaluating the cybersecurity of the newest version of the IEEE 1547 standard, approved in 2018.

With Dr. Levchenko, I am working on two projects for aircraft security.

I am excited to continue working on these projects next semester!

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